Saying hello with GreetBot

Saying hello with GreetBot

Joining a new team should be fun, informative and give your teammates a sense of support. GreetBot gives you a variety of tools to achieve just that.

Getting Started

There are two main ways of greeting new joiners with GreetBot: via direct messages and via channel messages. Generally speaking, direct messages are a great tool for sharing guidelines, contact information and resources, whereas channel messages help introduce new joiners to existing team members and vice versa.

The first thing GreetBot will ask after installation is which of these two options you would like to configure for your team. Depending on how many members you already have, how many new teammates you expect to welcome in the future, and how busy your workspace usually gets you may choose to configure either just a direct message, one or several channel messages, or both.

Direct Message

The most effective (and the most popular!) way to greet new members is to send them a direct message after they join. This is often the very first message they will see upon signing in, giving you the perfect opportunity to make a great first impression and tell your new teammates everything they need to know to hit the ground running.

Typically, the kind of information that you might like to share would cover some of the following areas:

– Community guidelines / Code of Conduct;
– Slack etiquette;
– Tips for getting started;
– List of important channels;
– Where to introduce yourself;
– Links to documents and resources;
– Contact information;
– List of team admins.

Covering this information can help your new teammates get up to speed quickly and experience less downtime during the orientation phase. It will also free senior team admins from sending welcome messages manually, enabling them to connect with the new joiners on a more personal basis.

Scheduling messages

It is good practice to be as thorough as possible and include as much important information in your welcome message as you can. Nevertheless, it may be quite overwhelming for new joiners to receive everything in one go. As such, a lengthy message can easily turn into something tedious and uninteresting — turning away, rather than energizing your new teammates.

To reduce the amount of information you send you can divide your message into more manageable chunks by scheduling follow up messages to be delivered at a later time. In total you can configure up to four separate, direct messages:

– Sent right after someone joins;
– Sent after 24 hours;
– Sent after 7 days;
– Sent after 28 days.

Scheduling additional messages allows you to leave some of the information you want to share for later, while communicating with the new joiners in a more lightweight and fun manner. It is also an excellent way to check back in with new members after they've had the time to learn the ropes, encouraging them to stay active and engaged.

Channel Messages

Some people may feel shy to reach out or just overlook the native Slack notification about someone joining your team. Posting a dedicated welcome message in a channel gives the new joiner extra visibility, helping to alert existing team members of the new arrival and firing everyone up to give the new joiner a warm welcome.

Welcome Themes

In addition to posting your own, custom channel messages you can also select from GreetBot's built-in message packs — Welcome Themes. The idea is simple: you pick a theme and each time someone joins your workspace GreetBot welcomes them with a random message from that theme.

For example, if you pick the Hollywood theme, GreetBot will welcome new members using quotes from cinema classics like "May the Force be with you @jimmy 💫" or "Live long and prosper @samantha 🖖" And if you pick the Globetrotter theme, GreetBot will say hello in different languages, like "Sawadi Kap @quincy 🇹🇭" or "Ohayo @mamiko 🇯🇵" whenever someone joins your team.

As such Welcome Themes give you the ability to greet new joiners with a different message each time. They help you to draw the attention of existing team members to each new joiner in a simple yet playful way, making the onboarding experience more fun and engaging for everyone involved.

Channel Introductions

Channel messages help introduce new members not just to the team as a whole, but also to particular channels. This can be especially useful among teams with highly specialized channels or in cases where new joiners need to take concrete actions after entering a specific channel (for example sign a document or fill in a form).

It doesn't have to be a case of either / or. You can start with a welcome message in one of your default channels like #general and then configure additional channels with their own dedicated messages. GreetBot will then work as your virtual tour guide, explaining the ins and outs of each particular channel as new joiners explore your workspace.

Being Considerete

Due to their public nature welcome messages posted in channels can interfere with conversations already taking place in those channels. As a result, they can be somewhat distracting, especially if a large number of new members join all at once. Channel messages work, therefore, best in either (a) channels dedicated solely to onboarding new members or (b) channels that are generally less busy and joined less frequently by new members.

Testing your setup

After you have completed your configuration you can test whether everything works as intended. To do so, type the word greet in chat with GreetBot. You will be able to see a test run of all the messages you've configured. If you have set up a direct message GreetBot will respond by sending that message directly to you. Any channel messages you have configured will be posted in the respective channels as well (only visible to you).

Message log

As soon as GreetBot starts welcoming your teammates you will be able to view the list of messages that have been sent. Simply type log and GreetBot will respond with a detailed breakdown of latest activity, covering users, dates, channels and direct messages.

It’s good practice to keep an eye on the message log in order to stay up to date with the latest activity in your workspace: see who has joined as well as when they have been greeted. It helps you to ensure nobody gets overlooked and serves as a reminder to follow up whenever needed.

For the time being GreetBot can show up to five most recent messages, but we aim to expand it with full message history, along with filtering by user, message type as well as future (scheduled) messages. If there are any other insights you would like to see don’t hesitate to give us a shout.

Getting in touch with us

We hope this gives you a better idea for getting the most out of GreetBot. If there is anything else that's not clear or you'd just like to give us your feedback please send us a message at You can also come chat with us directly in our Slack community We'd love to hear from you ☺️