Ephemeral messages

Ephemeral messages

Find out how to post channel messages in a more discreet way.

Due to their public nature channel messages can interfere with any ongoing conversations. As a result, they can be somewhat distracting, especially if multiple members join a particular channel in a short period of time.

To post channel messages in a more discreet way you can use the so-called “ephemeral” option. This setting allows GreetBot to post channel messages that are only visible to the new channel joiner and nobody else in the workspace.

  • Jimmy

  • GreetBot
    Cool, cool. Here is what I post to #marketing when someone joins:

    Welcome to #marketing! If you need a hand with anything give @jamie a shout, she runs the show here 💪

    What would you like me to do? You can type:

    Change to write a different message
    Show to adjust message visibility
    Theme to pick a different theme
    Switch to use a different channel
    Add to set up another channel
    Disable to stop posting this message
    Nevermind to quit setup

  • Jimmy

  • GreetBot
    Message visibility in #marketing is set to all channel members. Turn ephemeral mode on to start showing your welcome message to the new channel joiner only.

    Turn onCancel

You can access ephemeral message settings using the “show” command.

Ephemeral messages can provide just-in-time, contextual information about each individual channel. This helps new channel joiners get oriented around the topics of discussion, dos and don’ts as well as any other relevant information, right on the spot.

The ephemeral option is available to all Plus plan subscribers. To turn on the ephemeral mode choose the show command from the list of configuration options listed for each channel. Follow the same steps to turn the ephemeral mode off at any time.

Ephemeral message constraints

Ephemeral messages behave differently from regular messages on Slack. They disappear when Slack reloads and won’t show up again when Slack is opened in a new browser window or on a different device. For a message to be delivered the recipient also has to have his/her availability set to “active.” Should anyone on your team miss a message for any of these reasons, they can always type the /greet slash command in the relevant channel to view that message again (only visible to them, of course).