Ephemeral messages

Find out how to post channel messages in a more discreet way.

The so-called “ephemeral” option allows GreetBot to post channel messages that are only visible to the new channel joiner. It’s a great way to help new channel joiners get oriented around the channel without getting in the way of any ongoing converstations.

To turn on the ephemeral mode choose the show command from the list of configuration options listed for each channel. Follow the same steps to turn the ephemeral mode off at any time.

  • Jimmy
    Joined #exec-ama.

  • Only visible to you
  • GreetBot
    Welcome to the #exec-ama channel @jimmy!
    Here you can ask a question and get an answer from the most appropriate member of the executive team 👩‍💼👨‍💼
    Make sure to scroll through the conversation history to get a sense of the format and the kind of topics we’ve covered so far 💬

Message GreetBot...

Ephemeral messages can provide just-in-time, contextual information about each individual channel.

Re-opening ephemeral messages

Ephemeral messages behave differently from regular messages on Slack. They disappear when Slack reloads and won’t show up again when Slack is opened in a new browser window or on a different device. For a message to be delivered the recipient also has to have his/her availability set to “active.” Should anyone on your team miss a message for any of these reasons, they can always type the /greet slash command in the relevant channel to view that message again (only visible to them, of course).

Available on the Plus plan

Ephemeral messages are available only on the GreetBot Plus subscription plan. Take a look at our Pricing page to see the full list of features. If you have any questions feel free to send us a message at hello@greet.bot or come chat with us directly in our Slack community greetbot.slack.com. We’d love to hear from you 😃