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/ workspace / month

  • Unlimited Joiners
  • 1 DM configuration
  • 1 channel configuration
  • 1 Intro Mixer configuration
  • Default Greet Packs
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/ workspace / month

  • Unlimited Joiners
  • 15 DM configurations
  • 20 channel configurations
  • Basic DM scheduling
  • Guest messages
  • Ephemeral mode
  • 1 Intro Mixer configuration
  • Custom Intro Mixer message
  • Default Greet Packs
  • Full message history



/ workspace / month

  • Unlimited Joiners
  • 200 DM configurations
  • 100 channel configurations
  • Advanced DM scheduling
  • Guest messages
  • Ephemeral mode
  • 3 Intro Mixer configurations
  • Custom Intro Mixer message
  • Custom Greet Packs
  • Full message history
  • Priority support
  • Uptime guarantee 99.9%

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$0 / month $49 / month $199 / month
New Joiners
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Slack workspaces
1 1 1
Direct message (DM) configurations
1 15 200
Channel configurations
1 20 100
Basic DM scheduling
Advanced DM scheduling
Dedicated guest DMs
Ephemeral channel messages
Default Greet Packs
Custom Greet Packs
Intro Mixer configurations
1 1 3
Intro Mixer members
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Intro Mixer message
Intro Mixer frequency
2 weeks 1–8 weeks 1–8 weeks
Message Log
Latest 3 messages Full history Full history
Read Receipts for DMs
Priority support
Uptime guarantee 99.9%

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can configure GreetBot?

In general, only members with owner and admin privileges can change your onboarding configuration. However, also the member who has installed GreetBot in your workspace can access settings, irrespective of his / her role.

Can I use non-Latin characters in my welcome message?

You can use any characters you can type into Slack to compose a welcome message. That includes characters with accents, like á, é, í, ó, and ú, as well as any other writing system such as Korean (한글) or Thai (อักษรไทย). You can also use emoji 😎

Do I need a credit card to get started?

You don’t need a credit card to start using GreetBot. We will only ask for payment information when you decide to upgrade to a paid plan.

Is billing done monthly or annually?

Your bill is paid automatically each month and you receive a payment receipt at the time of the billing. You can cancel your subscription at any time and you won’t be billed if you cancel before the end of the free trial. Annual billing is available upon request.

Do you offer special pricing?

Yes, we do offer a discount for registered non-profits and educational institutions. Get in touch with us to find out about special pricing options.

Can I attach a file to my welcome message?

GreetBot can’t handle files uploaded through Slack. Instead, include a link in your welcome message to a file hosting service such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Will my data stay private and secure?

We take the privacy and security of your data very seriously. Our team has decades of experience in building and securing enterprise software and has put a number of measures in place to protect our software from security defects and safeguard your data against information security breaches. Visit our Security Practices page for more information.

Do you offer hosting on separate infrastructure?

For enterprise customers we offer dedicated infrastructure that runs your organisation’s own instance of GreetBot, or if you prefer, self-hosting on your own servers. As such, this service provides an additional layer of protection against potential information security breaches in cases when sensitive or proprietary information is shared within your workspace on Slack.

Did we miss anything?

If there is anything else that’s not clear or you’d just like to give us your feedback please send us a message at [email protected]. You can also come chat with us directly in our Slack community

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