Message scheduling

Here is how (and why) you can schedule additional direct messages.

It is good practice to be as thorough as possible and include as much important information in your welcome message as you can. Nevertheless, it may be quite overwhelming for new joiners to receive everything in one go. As such, a lengthy message can easily become uninteresting — turning away, rather than energizing your new teammates.

To reduce the amount of information you send at once divide your message into smaller, more manageable chunks, scheduled for delivery over time. Follow-up messages are also an excellent way to check in with new members after they’ve had the opportunity to learn the ropes, encouraging them to stay active and engaged.

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Message GreetBot...

You can configure GreetBot to send a series of messages over time.

Setting up your direct message schedule

To set up a series of scheduled messages you will need the GreetBot Plus subscription plan. You can schedule up to 15 direct messages to be delivered 1–50 minutes, 1–23 hours, 1–6 days, and 1–24 weeks after new members have joined your workspace. To add, reschedule or remove any of your messages simply type direct in chat with GreetBot at any time. Take a look at our blog for tips and ideas on what to cover.