Message scheduling

Message scheduling

Here is how (and why) you can schedule additional direct messages.

It is good practice to be as thorough as possible and include as much important information in your welcome message as you can. Nevertheless, it may be quite overwhelming for new joiners to receive everything in one go. As such, a lengthy message can easily turn into something tedious and uninteresting — turning away, rather than energizing your new teammates.

To reduce the amount of information you send at once divide your message into smaller, more manageable chunks, scheduled for delivery over time. Follow-up messages are also an excellent way to check in with new members after they’ve had the opportunity to learn the ropes, encouraging them to stay active and engaged. Be careful not to overdo it, though, as sending too many messages can also feel spammy and distracting, rather than helpful and informative.

  • GreetBot
    So you haven’t configured your direct messages yet. Would you like to do it now? Say yes to continue or no if you prefer to do it later.

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    Alrighty! When would you like to send your direct message? You can type:

    Instant to send right after someone joins
    Day to send after 24 hours
    Week to send after 7 days
    Month to send after 28 days

    You can also write nevermind to quit.

On the Free plan you can choose from four default scheduling options.

Custom scheduling

As part of the Plus subscription plan we are progressively rolling out more scheduling options, including the ability to set direct messages to be delivered any number of days or weeks after a new member joins your workspace. This option is currently limited to time intervals of 1-6 days and 1-8 weeks. We’ll be announcing updates as soon as they are available.