Testing your setup

Here’s how to test and preview your onboarding messages.

You can test and a preview any message configuration to make sure it is formatted exactly as intended. Each message you choose to test is delivered instantly in your Slack workspace using the ephemeral mode, so nobody besides you can see it.

  • Only visible to you
  • GreetBot
    Ahoy there @jamie👋 Great to have you with us, make yourself at home 🏠

    Get started by introducing yourself in the #intros channel. Tell us where you’re from, your area of expertise, and what you are up to. We are all super excited to meet you!

Message GreetBot...

Preview of a direct message configuration delivered using the ephemeral mode.

Sending a test message

To test a message configuration go to the Message Schedule page and click on “Send test message” under the message configuration you’d like to preview.

Follow these steps:

  1. From your Dashboard go to Message Schedule.
  2. Locate the message configuration you want to test.
  3. Click on “Send test message.”
  4. Go to Slack to see the preview of your message.

Note: In order for the test message to be delivered using this method your Slack client must be opened. You also need to use a larger device, like a laptop or desktop computer, for this option to become available.

Testing with slash command

You can also test your message configuration directly on Slack using a dedicated slash command. To initiate the preview this way type /greet in the message field in chat with GreetBot or in any #channel where GreetBot has been configured. GreetBot will respond with the preview of your welcome message using the ephemeral mode. The slash command is available to anyone on your team, for easy access at any time.