Testing your setup

Make sure everything works just right.

Once you’ve completed your configuration you can test whether everything is working as intended. To do so, type the word greet in chat with GreetBot. You will be able to see a test run of all the messages you’ve configured.

If you’ve set up one or multiple direct messages GreetBot will respond by sending those messages directly to you. Any channel messages you have configured will be posted in the respective channels (they will only be visible to you).

  • Jimmy

  • GreetBot
    Instant — sent right after someone joins:

    Yaba daba doo! A new human is here, how exciting! @jimmy let us know if you need anything, happy to help 🙂

    Day 1 — sent after 24 hours:

    Hello again @jimmy! Hope you could find what you were looking for🕵️‍♂️ If you have any follow-up questions don’t hesitate to let us know 🤓

    Done! Take a look at #general and #random to preview your channel messages.

Message GreetBot...

Example greet command output with a preview of two direct and two channel messages.

Using the /greet slash command

A handy way to preview each of your welcome messages is to use the /greet slash command. To initiate the command open any of the channels you’ve configured with GreetBot and type /greet into the message editor. GreetBot will respond with the preview of the welcome message using the ephemeral mode (only visible to you). The slash command also works with direct messages and is available to anyone on your team, not just workspace admins or owners, for easy access and reference at any time.