Channel message basics

Leverage channel messages for seamless orientation and team building.

You can configure GreetBot to post a welcome message whenever someone joins a channel in your Slack workspace. Use it for team building or to provide contextual information about one or more channels.

  • Jamie
    Joined #general

    • 👋 4
    • 🙌 2
    • 🔥 2
    • 👏 1
  • GreetBot
    Everybody, come say hello to @jamie 👋

  • Jimmy
    Welcome aboard!

  • Sammy
    Ahoy there Jamie! Make yourself at home 🏡

Message GreetBot...

GreetBot configured to post a channel message.


To add a new channel message configuration follow these steps:

  1. Sign in with Slack at
  2. From your Dashboard go to Message Schedule.
  3. At the top of the page select “Add channel message.”
  4. Select in which channel to post your message.
  5. Under Greeting Type select “Custom message.”
  6. Turn Ephemeral Mode ON or OFF.
  7. Click on “Save message” to activate your configuration.

What to cover

To make the best use of channel messages focus on the following:

  • Team building. People can feel shy and not sure what to say. Or they might be having a busy week. Posting a welcome message in a channel wil help you to draw extra attention to the new arrivals and rally existing team members to give each new joiner a warm welcome.
  • Orientation. Channel messages can also help you to introduce new members to individual channels in your workspace. This is especially useful when new joiners need to take concrete actions after entering a channel (for example sign a document, fill out a form etc.) or be notified about any channel-specific rules to follow.

Default channels

When you invite new members to your workspace they automatically join their default channels, even before they accept their invitations. If configured in those channels, GreetBot will wait until your new teammates actually accept their invites, before posting your welcome message. You may therefore see people “joining” your default channels but not receiving their welcome messages right away. The moment they finish setting up their accounts, though, GreetBot will post your greeting as planned.


Channel messages are available on all subscription plans. To configure multiple channels you will need a paid subscription. Visit our Pricing page for detailed information on availability and pricing. Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.