Channel message basics

Leverage channel messages for seamless orientation and team building.

Some people may feel shy to reach out or just overlook the native Slack notification about someone joining your team. Posting a dedicated welcome message in a channel gives the new joiner extra visibility, helping to alert existing team members of the new arrival and firing everyone up to give the new joiner a warm welcome.

  • Jimmy

  • GreetBot
    Cool, cool. Here is what I post to #general when someone joins:

    Yaba daba doo! @channel a new human is here, how exciting! @new_user_name let us know if you need anything, we are happy to help 😊

    What would you like me to do? You can type:

    Change to write a different message
    Theme to pick a different theme
    Switch to use a different channel
    Add to set up another channel
    Disable to stop posting this message
    Nevermind to quit setup

Message GreetBot...

Type “channel” in chat with GreetBot to access your channel message configuration.

Channel messages help introduce new members not just to the team as a whole, but also to particular channels. This can be especially useful among teams with highly specialized channels or in cases where new joiners need to take concrete actions after entering a specific channel (for example sign a document or fill in a form).

It doesn’t have to be a case of either / or. You can set up a welcome message in one of your default channels like #general and then configure additional channels with their own dedicated messages. GreetBot will then work as your virtual tour guide, explaining the ins and outs of each particular channel as new joiners explore your workspace.


When you compose your messages you can use the keyword @new_user_name to mention the new joiner. GreetBot will automatically replace this keyword with the @username of each new member, helping you make the message more personal and visible when they join your workspace. You can also use Slack’s native mentions like @here, @channel and @everyone.

Default channels

When you invite new members to your workspace they automatically join their default channels, even before they accept their invitations. If configured in those channels, GreetBot will wait until your new teammates actually accept their invites, before posting your welcome messages there. You may therefore see people “joining” their default channels but not receiving their welcome messages right away. The moment they finish setting up their accounts, though, GreetBot will post the messages you’ve configured as planned.