Welcoming guests

Configure dedicated welcome messages just for your guests.

Guests in your workspace will have unique needs and objectives. You may, therefore, want to provide them with onboarding information that is either more narrow or more broad in scope compared to full members.

To configure a separate welcome message for guest accounts, select “Guests” under Account type, when configuring your direct message. You will also have the option to choose whether this message should be sent to single-, multi-channel or all guests.

  • GreetBot
    Alrighty! When would you like to send your direct message?
    Account type
    Choose who should receive this message.
    Guest type
    Specify which guests to message.
    Time interval
    Select the period of time to use.
    Delay by
    Choose the specific delay amount.

Message GreetBot...

You can configure GreetBot to send a dedicated welcome message just for your guests.

Handling different kinds of guests

Chances are that you will work with different kinds of guests: Suppliers, Partners, Contractors, Interns or Customers. All of which may require different information when they join you. We are currently working on a solution to give you more fine-grained customization options in this regard as well.

Available on the Plus plan

Dedicated guest messages are available only on the GreetBot Plus subscription plan. Take a look at our Pricing page to see the full list of features. If you have any questions feel free to send us a message at [email protected] or come chat with us directly in our Slack community greetbot.slack.com. We’d love to hear from you 😃