Message history

Message history

Stay on top of the latest activity with a detailed message log.

As soon as GreetBot starts welcoming your teammates you will be able to view the list of messages that have been sent. Simply type log and GreetBot will respond with a detailed breakdown of latest activity, covering users, dates, channels and direct messages.

It’s good practice to keep an eye on the message log in order to stay up to date with the latest activity in your workspace: see who has joined as well as when they have been greeted. It helps you to ensure nobody gets overlooked and serves as a reminder to follow up whenever needed.

  • Jimmy

  • GreetBot
    Latest 5 messages:

    @sammy on Nov 11, 2018 (#general)
    @jamie on Nov 11, 2018 (direct, week 1)
    @tommy on Nov 10, 2018 (#random)
    @amy on Nov 10, 2018 (direct, day 1)
    @lilly on Nov 9, 2018 (direct, instant)

    I’ve sent 256 welcome messages so far🤘 Want to see the details? You can type:

    All to browse full message history
    Nevermind to quit

It’s good practice to keep an eye on the message log.

More insights with GreetBot Plus

In addition to the latest five messages available on the Starter plan, Plus plan users get access to full message history. We are planning to gradually expand this further with user and message type filters, along with the ability to see messages scheduled for the future. If there are any other insights you would like to see please give us a shout.