Getting started

Welcome aboard! Here’s how to get started.

GreetBot is your onboarding assistant for Slack. In a few easy steps it helps you make your colleagues, collaborators, customers and community members feel welcome and informed when they join your workspace.

For example, GreetBot can share helpful links to sites and documents or use @mentions to highlight key people in your company’s functional departments or teams. It can also direct your colleagues to relevant channels or send them periodic check-ins to ensure continued engagement.

  • GreetBot
    Ahoy there @jamie👋 Great to have you with us, make yourself at home 🏠

    Get started by introducing yourself in the #intros channel. Tell us where you’re from, your area of expertise, and what you are up to. We are all super excited to meet you!

    Be sure to also join these channels:

    #announcements — information everyone should know;
    #team-hr — space for HR-related questions and requests;
    #exec-ama — ask a question and get an answer from the executive team;
    #random — water cooler talk and banter.

    If you have questions about using Slack you can ask in #help-slack or get in touch with @georgie for assistance 💪

Message GreetBot...

A greeting from GreetBot delivered with a direct message.

Types of messages

GreetBot can welcome new members in two ways: with direct or channel messages. Generally speaking, direct messages are great for sharing general guidelines and links to resources, whereas channel messages allow you to introduce new members to the rest of the team or provide directions to individual channels.

Adding messages

To add a new message configuration head over to Message Schedule. You will be able to select which type of messages you want new members to receive, what each message should say and, in case of direct messages, when they should be delivered. Channel messages also come with additional configuration options, such as Greet Packs or the Ephemeral Mode to help you customize your onboarding even more. When you are ready you can test your setup to make sure everything works exactly as intended.


You can customize your messages with a range of text formatting styles available on Slack, including emoji. Your messages need to be typed in plain text and formatted with markup, for example: *bold*,_italic_, or ~strikethrough~. To learn more about text styling options visit Message Formatting.

Activity tracking

Once GreetBot starts welcoming new members in your workspace you will be able to keep track of your key onboarding metrics, like the number of new members welcomed to date or the number of channel messages posted in total, right from your Account Dashboard. You will also be able to view a detailed Message Log, covering sent dates, messege types, as well as Read Receipts for direct messages, if you are on a paid plan.

Subscription plans

To access certain features, such as Read Receipts or the Ephemeral Mode, or to configure multiple direct or channel messages you will need a paid subscription. Visit our Pricing page for detailed information on availability and pricing. Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.