Tips & Tricks

Get the most out of GreetBot with these special features.

GreetBot has several neat tricks up the sleeve which you can use to limit distractions to your workflow and stay productive throughout a busy week. In this article we keep a running list of these special features that not everyone knows about, but which, every once in a while, can come in very handy.


When you compose your messages you can use the keyword @new_user_name to mention the new joiner. GreetBot will automatically replace this keyword with the @username of each new member, helping you make the message more personal and visible when they join your workspace. You can also use Slack’s native mentions like @here, @channel and @everyone.

/greet slash command

You can preview each channel message at any time using the /greet slash command. To initiate the command open any of the channels you’ve configured with GreetBot and type /greet into the message editor. GreetBot will respond with the preview of the welcome message using the ephemeral mode (only visible to you). The slash command also works with direct messages and is available to anyone on your team, not just workspace admins or owners, for easy access and reference at any time.

Nevermind command

GreetBot will often let you know that you can type nevermind to quit setup. This command is not only available when GreetBot specifically mentions it, though. With a few exceptions you can use it at almost any point in time, across most conversations. So if you change your mind in the middle of your configuration or make a mistake, simply type “nevermind” and GreetBot will stop whatever you were working on, without saving. Just make sure to type “nevermind” as one word — we’ve decided to bend grammar rules a little bit to make sure you don’t loose your progress by accident.

Request command

If there are any problems you are running into, if there is anything that’s missing or you would prefer to work differently, the easiest way to let us know is to use the request command. Simply type “request” in chat with GreetBot and you will have the option to send your message directly to us. We are constantly on the lookout for ideas on how to make GreetBot more valuable to you and we read every piece of feedback we get.

More to come

As we develop GreetBot further we are certainly going to add more special features like the ones listed above. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions please do get in touch. We are always up for a chat on Slack or just plain e-mail. And of course we’ll be more than happy to hear about any requests through GreetBot too 😃